Places to Visit in Bishkek-Travels Mantra

Top 8 Places To Visit In Bishkek

Kyrgyzstan is the most liberal central Asian country and part of former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). Bishkek known to immense beauty and popular as Switzerland of Central Asia. The hospitality of people and friendliness of local public is truly amazing in Kyrgyzstan that attracts young travellers to enjoy liberal lifestyle. A fascinating & delightful nightlife in Bishkek is very […]

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6 Best Places to Visit In Almaty

Almaty is one of the ancient cities of Central Asia and of course the main cities that was the spotlight for the Silk route Travelers. Earlier being the main city to the Silk route, Almaty was flourished when its handicrafts and artifacts were greatly recognized in between 10th -14th century. The city was served as […]

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Splendors of USA – Tour Packages From India

Book This Tour Welcome To USA – Tour Packages From India USA Tour Packages From India; The U.S. is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America, with Alaska in the extreme Northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean. Major cities include New York, a global finance […]

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Almaty The City Of Apple Trees

Almaty has mild weather compared from most of the regions of Kazakhstan. This is the home of many varieties of Apples and many landmarks to visit “Almaty”. The peak of the snowy mountains that touches the city right at the doorstep against the foreground are the skyscrapers is the perfect scenario to capture. It is […]

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Things You Need To Know About Phuket – Thailand

Here we come again! And now for the travelers who are prepared for their first big trip to Phuket. Thailand is the most popular tourist destination among young’s because of the vibrant & flexible culture that is accepted in Thailand, plus for the little older one’s also where many temples, Buddhist monasteries, and palaces can […]

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Top Five Best Reasons to visit Uzbekistan

Russian invasion and the greed of some mighty conquerors took this country far behind for some years followed by the separation from the Soviet Union in August 1991. Against all odds this silk route country developed itself again as the premier show stopper for many good reasons. The five genuine reasons to be a guest […]

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Best Places To Visit In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan the Central Asian nation known for its mosques, mausoleums and other sites linked to the Silk Route, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean with almost secluded by the modern day travelers from a long time, this country is one of the most visited countries in Central Asia. Making the travelers go […]

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Uzbekistan Tourist Visa For Indians

Uzbekistan Visa for Indians

Uzbekistan Visa for Indians – Explore Uzbekistan ‘Silk-Road Destination’ Uzbekistan, a country with the remarkable culture and astounding history, this less explored country has more to offer than we actually think. In terms of architecture and ancient cities, this premier Silk Route country has left a fascinating trail of historic sites to visit. Travel through ‘the […]

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Best Honeymoon Destinations In Thailand

Huge Congratulation on signing your life away to your love, so where are you planning for your honeymoon to make your marriage colorful and exotic? Didn’t plan yet, don’t worry we are ready to serve you anytime. Trust Us! Just pack your bags and head to the nearest airport because you are going to Thailand. […]

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Bukhara was a apparent stop on the Silk Road exchange course between the East and the West, and a noteworthy medieval place for Islamic religious philosophy and culture. Despite everything it contains several all around saved mosques, madrassas, bazaars and travelers dating generally from the ninth to the seventeenth hundreds of years. Bukhara the Ancient […]

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