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Travels Mantra – Four World Heritage Sites in Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful South East Asian country with multi-culture, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic social groups. The 44th most populous country influenced by Malay, India, China and multi European culture. Malaysia is known for its nature, rain forests and beautiful beaches. During the inception of Malaysia the people first lived-in was tribe Malays. The beauty of […]

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Do You Know What Authentic Food are Their in Bishkek

What Fun Is It To Go To A New Place And Not Eat All The Delicious Authentic Food That Kyrgyz Offers? It Would Most Definitely Be Shame. It Would Be An Opportunity For Food Lovers To Explore The Delicacies of Kyrgyzstan. So Here I Suggest You To Have Once in a lifetime Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Tour. Below Are […]

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Almaty Nightlife Blog

Almaty Nightlife – Moon Rises After The Dark

Almaty, Kazakhstan is famous for its arts, culture, historic monuments & museums, nightlife, spectacular nature and landmarks. Visiting this place enthral you with its beauty, silent nature, clean water, parks and gardens and very friendly & welcoming people. There are lots of places to visit and to explore diverse culture, tradition and food. Almaty Nightlife […]

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How To Apply For Indian Passport Follow The New Rules

How To Apply For Indian Passport Follow The New Rules – Important questions And Answers Person looking for Indian passport which comes into the jurisdiction of CPV (The Consular, Passport & Visa) Division of MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Govt. of India, that provides passport services through CPO (CPO – Central Passport Organization). CPO has […]

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