Navruz - Spring New Year

Navruz – The Spring New Year

Navruz (New-Ruz, Naw-Ruz) – Spring Festival, or the New Year. It has been celebrated since last several millenniums. When the length of day and night is 12 hours, the interaction of nature and man achieves perfect harmony: a period of awakening and renewal. Navruz is the beginning of a new year and is a tradition based on the […]

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Bukhara was a apparent stop on the Silk Road exchange course between the East and the West, and a noteworthy medieval place for Islamic religious philosophy and culture. Despite everything it contains several all around saved mosques, madrassas, bazaars and travelers dating generally from the ninth to the seventeenth hundreds of years. Bukhara the Ancient […]

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Fantastic Fiji

Welcome To Fiji Islands Tour When it comes into mind a trip to Island state and first place strikes Fiji Islands Tour, Fiji a country in the South Pacific, is an enclave of more than 300 islands. It’s famed for its rugged landscape of blue lagoons and palm – lined beaches, and eco – activities […]

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Church Of Georgia

Georgia Tour – Church Of Georgia Georgia, which centered in Caucasus mountains at eastern end of Black Sea, has civilization that reaches back to ancient times. Due in large part to the missionary activity of St. Nino, a woman from prominent Cappadocian family, the kingdom of Kartli (in eastern Georgia, also known as Iberia) adopted the […]

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Amazing Ireland

An Amazing Ireland Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. Clear from Great Britain to east by North Channel, the Irish Sea, and St. George’s Channel. Ireland is second – largest island of British Isles, the third – largest in Europe, and the twentieth – largest on Earth. Politically, Ireland split in the Republic of […]

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