Useful Tips & Instruction For Tashkent Tour - Travels Mantra Blog

Useful Tips and Instructions for Tashkent Tour – You Need to Know

Every country or place has their own culture and practices, it is essential to follow those customs and respect each belief. Travelling to a foreign land means adopting their lifestyle for the time being and dwelling in their cultures to get the full experience of that place. Following certain do’s and don’ts on Tashkent Tour […]

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Indian Restaurant in Tashkent

Indian Restaurants in Tashkent – Made Easy for You

We Indians just love Indian cuisine. We are so obsessed with it that even when we travelling to a foreign land, we seek Indian food. While being excited for the trip, we constantly concerned about what kind of food will be served and if it is going to be pure vegetarian. And as the number […]

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An Ultimate Guide For Tashkent Weather-You Need To Know

An Ultimate Guide for Tashkent Weather – You Need to Know

Tashkent is the “Capital of Uzbekistan” and is considered as the largest city in Uzbekistan. It is positioned in central Asia and has Turkic and Sogdian influence its nature. Brief History of Tashkent Tashkent appears on the Silk Road Destination which goes from China to Europe and is one of the most ancient cities. The city […]

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Lakes of Uzbekistan

Lakes of Uzbekistan – You Should Know When Exploring Uzbekistan

Every lake tells a story or has a recollection affixed to it. In the post, we visually examine the favourite four best “Lakes of Uzbekistan”. You can now search for your favourite lake with travels mantra. However, lakes mean different things to different people. For us, every lake is linked with a recollection, an emotion. […]

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Places to Visit in Samarkand

What you should see in Samarkand?

What are the best Places to visit in Samarkand; when visited Samarkand, sit at the Registan Plaza in front of three Madrassas, and visually examine for a while. And gradually close your ocular perceivers and heedfully auricular discern your auditory perceivers. Metrication will tell us the long history of Samarkand. Then you can aurally perceive […]

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What you should see in Bukhara?

What You Should See in Bukhara?

Usually we do discussions with friends for making holiday tour and everyone have their own viewpoints. what city to go to because one friend want adventuring destination, one want romantic place and another want to go ancient  architectural site. Finally all came into final conclusive mark to travel Bukhara with Travels Old Bukhara The […]

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Flights from India to Uzbekistan

While orchestrating a vacation abroad is something we all look forward to, booking tickets is a process that most of us terrify. To ascertain that your vacation is hassle-liberated from the very beginning, travel has made the process of booking flights expeditious and facile. And we are here giving answers of your frequently asked […]

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Uzbekistan Airways

What Makes “Uzbekistan Airways” One of the Passionate Airlines in the World

When travelled across the world in different ‘Airlines’, it is easy to understand the specialty of services on different niches. And all Airlines have their own specialty like; Uzbekistan Airways are quality centric airlines, Hong Kong-based airlines won awards for their comfortable seats across all classes, Qatar airlines won awards for their entertainment, Singapore airlines known for […]

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Uzbekistan Visa – How to Get Visa for Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Visa; The visa procedure is fairly simple, as long as you have the listed documents below, it should take around 3-10 business days for the visa to be granted. There Are Three Kinds of Visa Available for Uzbekistan Business Tourist Transit Visa List of Documents Required 1. Uzbekistan Visa support , also referred to […]

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Navruz - Spring New Year

Navruz – The Spring New Year

Navruz (New-Ruz, Naw-Ruz) – Spring Festival, or the New Year. It has been celebrated since last several millenniums. When the length of day and night is 12 hours, the interaction of nature and man achieves perfect harmony: a period of awakening and renewal. Navruz is the beginning of a new year and is a tradition based on the […]

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